Cherry Cafoutis

This year Mimi’s (or “Maman’s” as us grandkids always called her) would have been 101.  She passed nearly 5 years ago now but every year I remember her and all the joy she brought into our lives.  One of my daughters has recently begun asking a lot of questions about Mimi. What she was like?  Did she ever meet them? Do I miss her? While we did live far from Mimi I spoke with her often on the phone. We also skyped with her so she could see the girls when they were so tiny! She couldn’t get over it, seeing the girls from so far away. A woman of her generation could never have imagined such a thing as video conferencing. Her amazement was almost as wonderful as her excitement to see my little babies. My girls were her first great-grandchildren and sadly the only ones she had a chance to meet.  We took them overseas to see her when they were only 8 months old. I was very sleep deprived and exhausted from a VERY busy time at work and the early morning feeding times with the girls but … [Read more...]

Why does the world need another food blog?

I have fought with the idea of blogging for a long time.  My husband has been saying for years “You should do a blog. People would love your point of view as a mom with food allergies and digestive issues plus everyone who tries your food asks for the recipe!” But I had a handful of excuses starting with the fact that there are already so many gorgeously designed food blogs from these incredibly talented beautiful people and writers who shared their amazing culinary creations, their views and parts of their lives with the world. I don’t have that kind of talent, my cookies never look that perfectly round and I have no idea how to do a blog. Never mind the fact that I was juggling the demands of twin toddlers, a full time job, my husband’s late night and frequent travel work schedule. I had a hard enough time trying to fit in my beloved yoga classes and what about date nights? We need those!   Seriously how did I have time to create a blog? Not to mention that I was a terrible writer! I … [Read more...]