Why does the world need another food blog?

I have fought with the idea of blogging for a long time.  My husband has been saying for years “You should do a blog. People would love your point of view as a mom with food allergies and digestive issues plus everyone who tries your food asks for the recipe!” But I had a handful of excuses starting with the fact that there are already so many gorgeously designed food blogs from these incredibly talented beautiful people and writers who shared their amazing culinary creations, their views and parts of their lives with the world. I don’t have that kind of talent, my cookies never look that perfectly round and I have no idea how to do a blog. Never mind the fact that I was juggling the demands of twin toddlers, a full time job, my husband’s late night and frequent travel work schedule. I had a hard enough time trying to fit in my beloved yoga classes and what about date nights? We need those!   Seriously how did I have time to create a blog? Not to mention that I was a terrible writer! I can’t write like those other bloggers. I am going to fail?  No one outside my small facebook circle or family is going to read my posts or comment on my recipes.  I was nuts to even think about doing a blog.

Talk about negativity right!! So many stories going on in my head that all presented good reasons to not even try, or even entertain the idea. Then the universe stepped in and began to give me signs. My favorite authors, personalities and bloggers started dropping ideas and tips about doing what you loved, are passionate about, to no compare yourself to others, or to make the perfect site or blog.  Instead to start doing what you love, figure out how you can help others, be the best that you can be and work from a place of love.  To check the voices, the ego, the stories we are telling ourselves at the door and put yourself out there. Our lives are too short to not be happy or do things that make us happy. We are all unique and have different experiences and something that I have discovered might help someone else.  Who knows maybe this could even be fun!

Then the universe came knocking again. On a whim I entered into a recipe contest and became one of the winners!!  I landed a spot in internationally renowned Dr. Alejandro Junger’s newest book Clean Eats. My Sardines on Endives recipe was now published in a New York Times best-seller!!  So instead of waiting for the right moment in my life for the chaos to settle or for a blogging platform to drop on my lap I started to write posts. I turned off the “I can’t write” stories I had been telling myself for years and instead turn the “I can do it” speaking from the heart switch on. Of course it has taken me a year to really dive in but better late than never right!!

Instead of letting my fear of failure and all the stories I was telling myself cripple me, I need to try to do what I love, am passionate about and have fun doing. I need to start practicing what I have been teaching my children. To be kind to everyone including yourself, take one step at a time, to not give up, every morning put your best foot forward, know that it’s ok to fail, that’s how we learn and we can always start over tomorrow. If nothing else this little experiment could be a great life lesson to talk with the girls about.

So my friends I am trying this out, taking my training wheels off and giving this a go. It may only be for a week, maybe for a month or two.  Who knows for how long but I’m going to enjoy the ride, be happy doing what I am doing, where I am and figuring the rest out as I go along. I read something not so long ago (source forgotten, sorry!) that said “it’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not”. This is probably my favorite quote of all time and one of the most inspiring.  Maybe finding this quote was another sign from the universe to start being who I want to be and start doing what I love!!

I love cooking and creating clean, allergen-friendly recipes and sharing them with my family, friends, other kids and neighbors.  I love sharing ideas with people on how to create healthier meals, lifestyles and everyday habits.  I love looking for ways to reduce or eliminate the toxins that make their way into our foods.  I love trying new recipes or transforming favorite traditional recipes into equally delicious, healthy clean meals.  Most importantly, I LOVE cooking with my girls and teaching them why some foods are good for us and why others are not so good for us.  This is what I am passionate about.  This is why I am giving this blogging thing a try.  So come back and check things out every now and then.



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