Post Tracy Anderson Workout Smoothie

Yah!! I am having such an awesome day so far! This morning I made time for a good workout. I got my groove on and did a hard but energizing Tracy Anderson mat routine and then one of Tracy Anderson’s great cardio dance workout. Wow an hour of working out! Getting a full hour in can sometime be tough with work and kids stuff but I always feel so great when I make the time. I recently started doing Tracy's TA Video Streaming but today I went back to Continuity where I left off and did the muscular structure and cardio from these DVDs.  I am still getting used to the longer Streaming episodes, which are AMAZING but longer, so I have to carefully plan my "me time" to get my workouts in.  Usually not a problem but it does mean waking up a little earlier to get these in before work and this morning my body need that little extra z-time!  Regardless it was a great workout and left me feeling strong, energy and very thirsty! I took today off from work so the kids are in school, hubby is at … [Read more...]