Basic Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Kids favorite)

This was probably the very first smoothie I made for my girls when I started making smoothies in my old blender. I hadn’t yet bit the bullet and bought a vitamix so my smoothies were a little lumpier then but the strawberry banana was my starting point. Around 18 months twin-A decided she would no longer drink milk or nurse and only drank a little water. As a nervous, sleep-deprived mom I started to panic and worry about my daughter getting dehydrated, not enough calories and of course no calcium in her diet. What would happen to her beautiful, new baby teeth? How would I keep her little belly full? Enter the smoothie. She had tried my smoothies from the local organic health food store before so I began trying to replicate these at home. I tried a little too hard at first, packing in way too many nutritional goodies into a picky baby’s smoothie (spinach, rice milk, flax, avocado and only a little fruit). This didn’t go over well with either of my daughters or my blender. Taking a step … [Read more...]

Breakfast Banana Buns

So by February my girls are sick of oatmeal. Even if I mix in berries or chocolate chips or turn breakfast into dessert by topping the oats with cookie crumbs, we get a huge protest over oatmeal for breakfast “Not oatmeal again!!”. Not willing to give up, I look for alternatives ways to get some filling, fiber rich oats into my girls. I needed something that is yummy, fun and of course quick to prep and eat for those busy school day mornings. Plus recently we have three big front very wiggly teeth (two in twin A’s and one in twin B’s mouth) so eating toast or their favorite crunchy sandwiches at lunch have become challenging. I had to find something healthy, nutritious and that they would eat. I came up with these and called them “buns” largely because if I have one bread monster who could easily eat bread and nothing else all day. If you don’t count the chocolate chips, there is no added sugar, instead they are naturally sweetened by the frozen bananas and dates. You could also use … [Read more...]

Blueberry Frozen Greens Smoothie Bowl

After the kids went to bed last night, I chopped and prepped a bunch of veg to go into my vitamix, then poured a huge glass of water and put it next to nice big lemon. I had the good intention of starting my day out by detoxing my liver with a refreshing lemon water followed by a very green vegetable smoothie.   Instead, Gabi woke up at 5am telling me her tummy was requesting breakfast, specifically “mommy waffles”. When a hungry tummy speaks we must listen, especially when it speaks for homemade waffles! So did I do this while sticking to my good intention set the night before? Well I had half the glass of water (16 ounces) but without the lemon and only after I guzzled down my left over milky iced coffee from the fridge!! Smelling the waffles and also having an opportunity to have breakfast alone with my youngest daughter while her sister and dad still dozed, it was a no brainer, I had to share in the waffle fun instead of my green smoothie. Plus I didn’t want to wake up the … [Read more...]

Rainbow salad

With two young girls, our lives are very colorful to say the least. It’s hard to imagine life without them.  My twins are very colorful little people and big artists, always creating something...very colorful of course!  To play on their love of color, I like to talk with them about why it important for us to eat lots of colorful foods, and play the "rainbow plate" game (see past post) or when we go to the grocery store or market to pick out the most colorful fruit and veggies they can find.  It’s a fun way to teach them about healthy food and for them to try new versions of things, something which is not always easy with young kids. I love coming back from the store this time of year and throwing to together what ever I have and making a “rainbow salad”, sorry not always good at coming up with names for my salad bowls but they really are rainbow salads!  One tip I'll pass on which is nothing new but that I have found to be incredibly helpful is to pre-chop some items ahead of … [Read more...]

Salmon Arugula Salad

Today’s lunch was one of those meals where I hadn’t thought ahead last night or even this morning to what I was going to have. My Sunday nights are usually spent running around getting things ready for school and work the next day (cleaning up Sunday dinner, finishing laundry, making sure homework folder and any school forms are back in backpacks, packing lunches, prepping after school activities, getting clothes out for the next day, making sure phones are charged, etc.) I can forget or don’t have time to get myself in order. While I think it is so important for Moms to take time to look after themselves, organize the things we need to do, schedule in your exercise time and plan out your meals, life often throws us a curve ball and things don’t go as we planned. For me, when I don’t have a meal thought out or I am rushed my meals usually go one of two ways: I spend the meal munching on little bites of this or that, often including too many starchy foods or less than ideal, low … [Read more...]