Salade Niçoise

In summer I often crave a big salad bowl. A bowl or dish that has it all: a little protein, some healthy fats, starches, fresh herbs and vegetables and maybe even a handful of legumes. Salade Niçoise is my go-to when I have such cravings. It really is a one bowl (or plate) fits all meal. I discovered while living in this region (such a lucky girl!!) that the original or authentic Salade Niçoise is a little different than what we see today in North America. It didn’t have cooked eggs, potatoes or even green beans, nor did they use vinegar or tuna!! Like most recipes it did change over time as the agriculture changed and industrialization occurred. Though nowadays the standard recipe would include lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, olives, eggs, tuna and anchovies and often some potatoes. I was told by several French chefs, what “a real” Salade Niçoise should look like, but each version was slightly different depending on where I was around Nice. The key being they all used the freshest, … [Read more...]

Recharge Cookies

The girls are in gymnastics camp this week and they’ve both asked me to give them more to eat for lunch because what worked for the past 3 weeks isn’t enough this week! They have also been absolutely starving at pick up!! I was due to whip up some cookies last night, so keeping their voracious appetite in mind and a serious need for a recharge of energy after camp, I came up with these cookies. Simple and quick to throw together, filled with protein, slow burning carbohydrates and treat-like, giving them some fuel to keep them going until dinner. I ended up having one too with my morning tea after my early morning intense Tracy Anderson streaming stamina and master class session!! Pheww these helped me recharge! Recharge Cookies The perfect to pack in kids lunches or as an after-school, post-camp or really anytime snack. Packed with nutrients and belly goodness they will keep coming back for more. Yields about 18 cookies 1 cup gluten-free oats ⅔ cup all-purpose … [Read more...]

Sweet & Sour Gummies

I have been seeing more and more websites posting recipes for homemade candy. I love the idea!! Given we don’t eat foods (or candy) with food coloring in it, this takes most of the candy I grew up on (starburst, jolly ranches, tootsie rolls, licorice, etc.) off the table for my two little tikes. Though you can get some great “healthier” versions of these it is still candy that sticks to their teeth (already had warning about this from our ped-dentist) and not the best stuff for their growing little bodies. So I got the girls excited about making our own candy and went ahead and ordered a candy mold. They loved the shapes and couldn’t wait to try to heart or circular shapes (because the shape of candy will transform the taste for kiddos!!). I whipped up some freezer fudge a few times with great success, so today I tried a gummy sort of candy. I made this one a little sweet and sour, but there is room to make these sweeter if needed. I love the contrast and awesome … [Read more...]

Maple Miso Mustard Chicken

I whipped this up for the first time to take with us to the beach. My kids HATE sandwiches for dinner, and we have been going to the beach late afternoon this summer, right after camp is over and when the sun isn’t at it’s hottest and the beach isn’t the busiest. I found out the hard way, trying to leave the beach around 530’ish is always tough for two reasons:  1) we hit the worst evening traffic and 2) the kids are starving! So to avoid (or at least reduce the chances) of a melt down on the drive home or grumpy demands to hit the nearest restaurant for dinner, I have been bringing dinner with us. This also means we have a picnic dinner, another item on our “must do this summer” list. If I have the forethought to marinate this ahead of time its best marinated overnight or at least for a few hours but in a pinch 30 minutes will do. This marinade also works well with salmon, mahi-mahi or other wild, milder fish. I do the recipe soy-free given a sensitivity but you are welcome to use … [Read more...]

Fava Bean Brown Rice Salad

My kids like their rice plain or only with a little tamari if given the choice. The funny thing is they will eat rice dishes in restaurants but at home it’s a different story. I’m always looking for new ways to do rice and love the idea of rice salads for Hubby and I. Earlier this week we went to the beach and brought a picnic dinner and I thought it was the perfect time to try something new. Usually beach picnics go two ways: I have to either drag them out of the water to eat and re-charge, or they charge at me wanting a quick meal. I had been marinating my Maple Miso Mustard Chicken to cook and bring along so I thought I’d try a cold rice dish with Asian flavors. Given my soy sensitivity, instead of using edamame I tried the dish with fava beans instead. It turned out great and the girls loved it, though they did say I might have put too much orange flavor in (recipe has been adjusted!!). Try this out for your next picnic or summer dinner. Travels well and great for lunch … [Read more...]