Spinach Vanilla Cupcakes

I know it may sound nuts to put spinach in a cupcake?  Or there is no way your little ones are going to eat it if they know it has spinach into.....so don't tell them!  At least not until they have devoured these treats! I add spinach often to the girls smoothies because its an easy way to throw in some greens without them knowing.  The flavor and often color of the spinach is masked by the flavor of the other fruit.  Same thing works here!  The cakes come out a tinge green but make it fun or add a fun icing or topping.  My gals used to call these Kermit Kakes because they were a little green like Kermie!   They are a fun spin on an classic kid (and grown up) dessert.  My kids actually ask me to buy spinach so we can make these treats! Light and less sweet than the usual cupcakes you may get a birthday parties, when topped with an easy icing, coconut cream or a good dollop of jam, they are a yummy guilt-free goodies packed with goodness. SPINACH VANILLA CUPCAKES  1 Ener-G egg … [Read more...]

East meets west treatment plan for asthmatic daughter

I hinted in my last post that things have been a little nuts on the health side with my youngest.  Though Twin B, Gabi, has been a healthy kid over all, her immune system has been weak the past 6-7 months.  Historically, she would catch a seasonal cold or the flu a few times every winter but it usually meant missing a day or two of school.  She is and has always been a GREAT sleeper, so often she would literally sleep it off.  It was amazing.  But since we moved to Chicago a few years ago, she has been getting sick more often and she has had extreme temperature spikes more regularly.  Different factors came into play, she started full time school soon after we moved here so she was exposed to more kids and in a school environment for longer periods than before and Chicago had two historically cold and long winters right after we arrived so I'm sure that might have been a factor.  Then this past November she was diagnosed with asthma.  An increasingly common chronic lung disease among … [Read more...]

Took a short break…..

So where have I been?  I know it has been a while since my last post, I'm so sorry I dropped off without any notice but life happened in a big way and I choose to put the blog world aside and focus on what needed my complete attention. My youngest twin has had literally 7 months of terrible health, being in and out of the hospital with repeated pneumonia, bronchial infections and terrible asthma attacks (more to come on this soon).  Coupled with my decision to enroll in a new financial certification program which required long periods undivided attention daily for nearly 5 months.  My free time dwindled and my hobby of blogging and sharing my culinary creations had to take a back seat.  But I'm back!  I'll be posting more regularly and I'll catch you up on what I am doing to get my little one's immune system back into tip/top shape so this coming school year we do not visit the hospital....at all!!  Plus I've been extra creative in the kitchen this summer with many sugar-free treats … [Read more...]