Switch Witch 2016

Another Halloween season another time for the “Switch Witch” to visit. My twins are now 8 nearing 8-and-a-half and we are still in prime Fairy/Witch/Make believe world! You name it we have a fairy to go with it! I know we are nearing the end of this magical phase and we are loving these, what I think will soon be final days of magical wonder. My girls discovered “the Switch Witch” when they were in kindergarten, our first Halloween in the Midwest and they told me all about her. She is friend, cousin or sister maybe of the tooth fairy and doesn’t want the kids to have too much candy, or in my kids case, any candy with food dyes or funky ingredients we don’t eat. So she comes and gets the bad candy and takes it to her candy land and does, well… we aren’t sure what with it because we haven’t yet been taken to candy land but she leaves the kids a small gift in exchange. Sometimes she even leaves some of the good candy in place of the bad candy. The Switch Witch is now such an integral part of our Halloween that the kids get as excited about what she will bring them as they do about their costumes. Even while trick or treating they giggle about wanting to gather as much candy as they can to leave for their kind witch. Now some of their pals prefer to eat their candy instead of leaving it out for the Switch Witch, which is fine with my gals and doesn’t deter them one bit. It is kind of nice to hear those conversations and listen to them explain in excitement the fun and the surprises they get.

Trade out some (or all) of the kids candies for a craft, new books or something fun they might want instead.

Trade in some (or all) of the kids candies for a craft, new books or something fun and lasting that they might want instead.

Now for Mom, each year the ante gets upped a little, number one: I have to remember to put an order in early enough to get gifts in time for them to arrive a day or so after Halloween, thank you Amazon Prime! Also to make the time to think it out a little as to what they each want. Luckily my kids are often asking for something or list of “must haves” is continuous. This year we have painting craft for one and a new “grown-up” watch for the other. It takes a little time and planning but the gifts are inexpensive (less than $15), the extra step is simple, easy, and we feel so much better giving them some treats without the chemicals. After taking the kids (and me) off sugar for a month this past summer (more in this post), its impact on our moods, behavior and their little bodies was evident. I feel guilty at times taking away things I did as a kid or what their friends do, but then I remember how much things have changed since I was their age and we live different lives and their needs are different. We have the knowledge now that our parents may not have had, so our family uses that knowledge to do things a little differently. Still enjoying the festivities and fun of Halloween, fueled with love and organic, simpler treats.  The kids dentist and ortho will probably kill me for the gummy candy the Switch Witch left behind but I still think kids need to be kids and the packs are small….that is my line of defense!!

The girls also swapped out the candy they didn’t (large bowl on left) for the candy/treats I bought (smaller bowl on the right).  Yes those are Whole Foods brand Vitamin C packs, but hey Twin A LOVES them and considers them a “treat”.  I bartered 3 snickers for one pack of vitamins….win-win for Mom!   Plus we’re teaching them how to barter and negotiate! Never a dull moment chez Les Jamieson!!


Candy the girls traded in on the left (big bowl) for the "treats" on the right (smaller bowl).

Candy the girls traded in on the left (big bowl) for the “treats” on the right (smaller bowl).


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