Meal Plan & Prep Sunday

Just realized I didn’t post this last week.  Apologies for the double post today but hope you can use some of the tips and meal ideas below!

Another week another meal plan written out and prep Sunday complete!  I have been slack on the meal planning over the past few weeks.  The kids have finished camp and our days have been spent, without a real schedule, free from time lines or things to do.  Freeing but also a little unfamiliar for the OCD and schedule queen that I am!  With school time nearing I want to get a few new recipes under our belt to put in the rotation and with vacation coming up we have a fridge full of food plus some garden greens that need to be consumed.

I’ve talked about the benefit of meal planning before (see here) but often I too get lost in the art of just riding through my days or weeks without a plan.  It’s freeing sometimes to do this and when we don’t have busy days or evenings this works.  But as summer comes to a close and school with back in session soon, I decided instead of flying by the seat of my pants, I’d do a little planning and meal prep this Sunday.  I dove diving into some new and old cooking books to get inspiration and try a new thing or two.

Here is my meal plan for the week and the meal prep I did Sunday.

Meal Plan

Sunday – Pizza Stir-fry from Meghan Gilmore’s Detoxinista with roasted potatoes

Monday – Banza Chickpea Pasta with Quick Marinara sauce, steamed green beans and sunflower sprouts and Liver Detox Soup

Tuesday – Build a Salad Bowl Night

Wednesday – Sweet Potato Sweet Potato Veggie Burger steamed asparagus, pickles & sauerkraut

Thursday – Pad Thai

Friday – EAT OUT – Mom night off!!


  1. Prepare the Quick Marinara sauce and store in fridge once cooked and cooled.
  2. Wash and chop cabbage -use 2/3 for Pizza Stir-fry save other 1/3 for Pad Thai on Thursday.
  3. Prep remaining veggies to go in Pizza Stir-fry (we only did cabbage and tomatoes this week).
  4. Chop lettuce and mince herbs for for Salad Bowl Night
  5. Roast mushrooms & beets Salad Bowl Night
  6. Shred carrots, chop red pepper and prepare a dressing for Salad Bowl Night and Pad Thai.
  7. Grill or pan fry 1-2 boneless chicken breasts or thighs for Salad Bowl Night.
  8. Bake a medium sweet potatoes (Wednesday Burger night) and roast potatoes for Sunday night dinner
  9. Top and tail the green beans
  10. Once the baked sweet potato has cooled, combine the Sweet Potato Burger ingredients.  Leave unformed on fridge until Wednesday.


Monday – Steam prepared green beans, cook pasta and re-heat Marinara sauce

Tuesday – Arrange salad items (washed lettuce, minced herbs, shredded carrots, chopped red pepper, roasted beets & mushrooms, chickpeas, grilled chicken) and dressings.  Any remaining item will be used for Thursday’s Pad Thai

Wednesday – Steam asparagus.  Form burger patties with prepared mix.  Bake or pan fry burgers and serve of gluten-free buns or large lettuce leaves.  Top with mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, pickles or all your favorite toppings.

Thursday – Cook rice noodles and assemble Pad Thai using pre-cut cabbage and shredded carrot and any left-over vegetables from the week.  Stir-fry vegetables in water or a tablespoon of avocado/coconut oil, stirring frequently.  Once vegetables are al-dente (beginning to soften) add an egg to the stir-fry (optional) and distribute amongst the vegetables.  Add in a tablespoon of tamari or coconut aminos, a teaspoon of rice wine vinegar, a dash of maple syrup and sprinkle of pepper.  Stir to distribute and top with remaining grilled chicken from Tuesday night or make it a vegetarian night!

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