Work with me

Overwhelmed with food allergens or how to prepare healthy, clean meals for your family?  

Want to find foods that make you feel like your healthiest YOU?

Find simple ways to cook and eat with ease with foods that are right for YOU and your family!

How I will work with you:

We will discuss any allergens or food restrictions you (or your family) may have and talk about that your typical week looks like.  I design personalized meals for your individual needs and a plan that you can easily put into place based on your schedule and ease in the kitchen that will take the stress out of cooking.  We will incorporate old favorites and weave in some new clean recipes that will leaving you energized, recharged and in charge of your own wellness.   I will be your guide, coach and support system to teach, inspire and help you reach your goals.  Together we will identify a way of eating that meets your individual body’s needs to fully thrive and feel your best.  My goal is to coach you and share my knowledge, skills and experience with you so you can be at the forefront of your own personal health revolution, achieving a healthier, more connected and balanced life.

Are you ready to:

  • Have more energy naturally?
  • Lose weight?
  • Alleviate digestive issues?
  • Feel better in your body?
  • Reduce cravings for caffeine, sugar, salty, and other unhealthy foods?
  • Learn how to eat out at restaurants, on vacation and on the go?
  • Get your family to try new veggies or foods?
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed every meal time?
  • Teach your family how to make healthy meals to set them up on the road to wellness?

Come on, dive in and get started!
Let’s make mealtimes fun again!