Meal Plan & Prep Sunday

Just realized I didn't post this last week.  Apologies for the double post today but hope you can use some of the tips and meal ideas below! Another week another meal plan written out and prep Sunday complete!  I have been slack on the meal planning over the past few weeks.  The kids have finished camp and our days have been spent, without a real schedule, free from time lines or things to do.  Freeing but also a little unfamiliar for the OCD and schedule queen that I am!  With school time nearing I want to get a few new recipes under our belt to put in the rotation and with vacation coming up we have a fridge full of food plus some garden greens that need to be consumed. I've talked about the benefit of meal planning before (see here) but often I too get lost in the art of just riding through my days or weeks without a plan.  It's freeing sometimes to do this and when we don't have busy days or evenings this works.  But as summer comes to a close and school with back in session … [Read more...]

Asthma Update

We started our little food, allergen-free eating experiment a year ago this week. Our youngest twin had had a brutal year health wise, in and out of the hospital with pneumonia-induced asthma. She had taken multiple rounds of antibiotics and steroids, her immune system was weak and her body was crying out for help! Feeling like the meds and protocol were not working, not getting to the root of the problem and instead just being a band aid fix, we took an East/West approach to help heal our little one. We worked with an asthma specialist and I did a ton of research to learn what could be triggering her system. Through various tests we discovered that one of the vaccinations she had be given as a toddler didn’t take or left her immune system unprotected against pneumonia, which might explain why she caught this virus 9 times over 10 months!!   She was also sensitive to variety of foods along with having environmental and seasonal allergies. We took out key inflammatory allergen foods … [Read more...]

Meal Plan & Prep

One of the things I love doing most in my work is helping busy moms, dads or anyone really, learn how to meal plan and prep and set up an on going practice of healthy eating. Giving them the tools to plan out their weeks and incorporate healthy homemade meals that they and their families love. Replacing the frozen meals or take out with easy to throw together meals full of wholesome, real foods which provide the body with nutrients, fiber, vitamins and all the good stuff nature provides us. My goal for you is easy: healthy food without the stress or drama of deciding what to cook or eat. So here’s my secret weapon, well not really secret, but my key to easy healthy meals is: Menu Planning and Meal Prep. These two things I promise you are the key to not only save you lots of time but also money and a whole lot of stress too. It will take out the “what to eat” or “what do I feel like cooking” questions off the table every night. The steps are easy, not intimidating and even turn … [Read more...]


Going on 20 years now living with food allergies (or food restrictions), I have learned a lot. I am more confident today in how I manage meals outside of the house but it is still not without its challenges. I still get nervous asking a friend or relative if it’s ok if we bring our own food or prep something in their kitchen. There are always lots of questions, but it always turns out beautifully, and more often than not we introduce new food ideas to the people in our lives. As a parent the most challenging social settings for me to navigate around is birthday parties or events outside of a home, where the typical foods are off-limits for the girls.   I used to dread birthday parties because my little one would get very upset about being left out, not being able to have the birthday cake or pizza, even though she knew it made her sick. She HATED being the idea of bringing a safe, special cupcake or snack because she would be different. She doesn’t like to stand out or be noticeably … [Read more...]

Switch Witch 2016

Another Halloween season another time for the “Switch Witch” to visit. My twins are now 8 nearing 8-and-a-half and we are still in prime Fairy/Witch/Make believe world! You name it we have a fairy to go with it! I know we are nearing the end of this magical phase and we are loving these, what I think will soon be final days of magical wonder. My girls discovered “the Switch Witch” when they were in kindergarten, our first Halloween in the Midwest and they told me all about her. She is friend, cousin or sister maybe of the tooth fairy and doesn’t want the kids to have too much candy, or in my kids case, any candy with food dyes or funky ingredients we don’t eat. So she comes and gets the bad candy and takes it to her candy land and does, well… we aren’t sure what with it because we haven’t yet been taken to candy land but she leaves the kids a small gift in exchange. Sometimes she even leaves some of the good candy in place of the bad candy. The Switch Witch is now such an integral part … [Read more...]

East meets west treatment plan for asthmatic daughter

I hinted in my last post that things have been a little nuts on the health side with my youngest.  Though Twin B, Gabi, has been a healthy kid over all, her immune system has been weak the past 6-7 months.  Historically, she would catch a seasonal cold or the flu a few times every winter but it usually meant missing a day or two of school.  She is and has always been a GREAT sleeper, so often she would literally sleep it off.  It was amazing.  But since we moved to Chicago a few years ago, she has been getting sick more often and she has had extreme temperature spikes more regularly.  Different factors came into play, she started full time school soon after we moved here so she was exposed to more kids and in a school environment for longer periods than before and Chicago had two historically cold and long winters right after we arrived so I'm sure that might have been a factor.  Then this past November she was diagnosed with asthma.  An increasingly common chronic lung disease among … [Read more...]

Took a short break…..

So where have I been?  I know it has been a while since my last post, I'm so sorry I dropped off without any notice but life happened in a big way and I choose to put the blog world aside and focus on what needed my complete attention. My youngest twin has had literally 7 months of terrible health, being in and out of the hospital with repeated pneumonia, bronchial infections and terrible asthma attacks (more to come on this soon).  Coupled with my decision to enroll in a new financial certification program which required long periods undivided attention daily for nearly 5 months.  My free time dwindled and my hobby of blogging and sharing my culinary creations had to take a back seat.  But I'm back!  I'll be posting more regularly and I'll catch you up on what I am doing to get my little one's immune system back into tip/top shape so this coming school year we do not visit the all!!  Plus I've been extra creative in the kitchen this summer with many sugar-free treats … [Read more...]

Switch Witch

Shortly after every Halloween we get a visit from the Switch Witch. She is a good witch who comes and takes the bad candy or candy kids don’t want and switches it for a small toy or craft. Now, this witch didn’t make it up to our home in Canada when I Was a little girl but wow is she genius!   She takes away the pain of the kids taking out the many, many candies the kids know they don’t like or shouldn’t be eating but still hate to get ride of. We first heard about her just a few years ago, after the Halloween the first year we were in our current house. We were en-route to school when I overheard my daughters talking with excitement about the Switch Witch. They were kindergarteners at the time so still in full princess, fairy and witch mode and big believers in anything magical with wings. They explained that one of their friends from school (who was also allergic to peanuts) put out all the candy she wasn’t allowed to eat a bowl in her kitchen before bed and the next morning the … [Read more...]

Why does the world need another food blog?

I have fought with the idea of blogging for a long time.  My husband has been saying for years “You should do a blog. People would love your point of view as a mom with food allergies and digestive issues plus everyone who tries your food asks for the recipe!” But I had a handful of excuses starting with the fact that there are already so many gorgeously designed food blogs from these incredibly talented beautiful people and writers who shared their amazing culinary creations, their views and parts of their lives with the world. I don’t have that kind of talent, my cookies never look that perfectly round and I have no idea how to do a blog. Never mind the fact that I was juggling the demands of twin toddlers, a full time job, my husband’s late night and frequent travel work schedule. I had a hard enough time trying to fit in my beloved yoga classes and what about date nights? We need those!   Seriously how did I have time to create a blog? Not to mention that I was a terrible writer! I … [Read more...]