Celery Juice & Morning Juices for Children

Juicing first thing in the day can be intimidating, at least for me it is because the juicer itself can seem like a beast to clean!!  Even simple juices, like celery juice mean extra clean up than a fruit bowl or quick smoothie.  As a hurried Mom in the mornings the clean up in itself is often why I don't juice every day. But when I take the time to build a less rushed AM routine and decide to juice (usually when hubby is around to help clean up), I feel so amazing, energized and for the rest of the day my eating is usually cleaner and I have overall better digestion. The kiddos also LOVE fresh juice!!  My children waking up to their morning juices and would happily have me make them a big glass of apple juice every morning.  While I love making them fresh juice, I don't love all the concentrated sugar they get from the apple juice alone so I dilute by adding in a cucumber or a few stalks of celery per apple used.  They don't taste the veggies and still get their fresh … [Read more...]

Warm Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Oh dear its getting nippy in the morning chez les Jamiesons!  I don’t know if it’s my childhood memories of coming down for breakfast, seeing my mum over the stove stirring a pot of hot oatmeal (or porridge as we called it), that makes me crave a bowl of something warm in the cooler mornings, or do we just naturally want something warm in our bellies when the weather changes?  I’m not sure, but I find when the mornings start off requiring slippers and robes when I get up, my morning cravings start to change too and I find myself pulling a big pot out of the cupboard to carry on the porridge tradition with my little ladies. Now, I am usually not a “big” breakfast kind of person but rather more of what I’d call a morning grazer.  Fruit and veggie juice or smoothies are morning staples for me because I digest them well, they give me a boost of energy and I really feel best when I start my day off with a fresh juice or smoothie.  They are always accompanied with or followed up by a hot … [Read more...]

Pearlicious Smoothie

I wanted to make a smoothie for my girlfriends who were over for lunch that was green but not too overpowering with “greenness”. This turned out to be a perfect addition to our salad based lunch and had the right about of creaminess, not too sweet and very refreshing. I remade it for the kiddos a few days later as their breakfast smoothie but added in some extra mango to sweeten it a bit more for them. The result was two empty glasses and two happy campers. Give it a worth and let me know how your crew likes it!   Pearlicious Smoothie 1 cup coconut water ½ cup non-dairy milk 1 pear (organic)* ½ cucumber (organic)* ½ avocado 1 cup mango, frozen (optional sweetener for kids) 1 tsp cinnamon (mixed in or sprinkled on top) * If not using organic fruit and vegetables, remember to peel off the skin before adding to the high-speed blender. Measure liquids into the high-speed blender then add remaining fruit and vegetables. Process until smooth and serve … [Read more...]

Basic Strawberry Banana Smoothie (Kids favorite)

This was probably the very first smoothie I made for my girls when I started making smoothies in my old blender. I hadn’t yet bit the bullet and bought a vitamix so my smoothies were a little lumpier then but the strawberry banana was my starting point. Around 18 months twin-A decided she would no longer drink milk or nurse and only drank a little water. As a nervous, sleep-deprived mom I started to panic and worry about my daughter getting dehydrated, not enough calories and of course no calcium in her diet. What would happen to her beautiful, new baby teeth? How would I keep her little belly full? Enter the smoothie. She had tried my smoothies from the local organic health food store before so I began trying to replicate these at home. I tried a little too hard at first, packing in way too many nutritional goodies into a picky baby’s smoothie (spinach, rice milk, flax, avocado and only a little fruit). This didn’t go over well with either of my daughters or my blender. Taking a step … [Read more...]

Blueberry Frozen Greens Smoothie Bowl

After the kids went to bed last night, I chopped and prepped a bunch of veg to go into my vitamix, then poured a huge glass of water and put it next to nice big lemon. I had the good intention of starting my day out by detoxing my liver with a refreshing lemon water followed by a very green vegetable smoothie.   Instead, Gabi woke up at 5am telling me her tummy was requesting breakfast, specifically “mommy waffles”. When a hungry tummy speaks we must listen, especially when it speaks for homemade waffles! So did I do this while sticking to my good intention set the night before? Well I had half the glass of water (16 ounces) but without the lemon and only after I guzzled down my left over milky iced coffee from the fridge!! Smelling the waffles and also having an opportunity to have breakfast alone with my youngest daughter while her sister and dad still dozed, it was a no brainer, I had to share in the waffle fun instead of my green smoothie. Plus I didn’t want to wake up the … [Read more...]

Post Tracy Anderson Workout Smoothie

Yah!! I am having such an awesome day so far! This morning I made time for a good workout. I got my groove on and did a hard but energizing Tracy Anderson mat routine and then one of Tracy Anderson’s great cardio dance workout. Wow an hour of working out! Getting a full hour in can sometime be tough with work and kids stuff but I always feel so great when I make the time. I recently started doing Tracy's TA Video Streaming but today I went back to Continuity where I left off and did the muscular structure and cardio from these DVDs.  I am still getting used to the longer Streaming episodes, which are AMAZING but longer, so I have to carefully plan my "me time" to get my workouts in.  Usually not a problem but it does mean waking up a little earlier to get these in before work and this morning my body need that little extra z-time!  Regardless it was a great workout and left me feeling strong, energy and very thirsty! I took today off from work so the kids are in school, hubby is at … [Read more...]

Green Magic Smoothie

Smoothies are a staple in our house.  I love them because they are usually vegan milk based, a beverage one of my daughters will otherwise refuse to drink, and are filled with fresh or frozen fruit and enhanced by a few nutritional powerhouses likes greens, flax, chia, probiotics, plant-based protein, omega-3s and they’re naturally sweetened.  We often make them as a dessert with lots of frozen fruit and ice so they are more ice-cream like than a drink and we make enough that the leftovers become the kids morning smoothies.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE morning smoothies!  Not only for myself but for the kids it’s perfect because they sip (or often guzzle) them while we prep the rest of breakfast and it provides them with a bunch of yummy nutrients and the fiber helps keep them full through their busy mornings.  Smoothies are also a great hydration tool.  I have one twin that loves her glass of almond milk every morning, but the other kiddie barely drinks a thing unless it’s sweet.  While she … [Read more...]

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Wintertime is sometimes tough in the fruit department with less selection than usual. My kids and I love summer fruit (berries, stone fruit, local melons) and in winter the fruit staples at our house are organic apples, oranges, clementines or mandarins, bananas and if we are lucky the occasional box of organic strawberries. In the smoothie department I have to be a little more creative but get to throw in fresh fruits that the might not otherwise eat on their own (kiwis, pears, etc.). Did I mention my kids can be picky? Plus my kiddies are now at the age where their front teeth are wiggly, making hard fruit like apples harder to eat. Smoothies to the rescue! I make a big bottle of smoothies a few times a week so we have some on hand to drink the in morning or after school. Find they are great for after school when they are sooooo starving. It buys me 5 minutes while I get them unpacked and prep a “real” snack for them. It delivers a good mix of fruit, protein, fats and calcium. … [Read more...]