Basic Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Before we had kids we used to make our vinaigrettes or dressings on the fly or if we were in a rush or being lazy we would just throw a little vinegar over our greens and be done. But since having kids I’ve embraced the idea of planning ahead and making more things in bulk for quick meal to put together meals. This one thing alone I swear helps keep my evening meals less chaotic and stressful. Even when I think I have tons of time something comes up or Mama’s attention is needed. So am babbling here I know! I now try to make a kid friendly and sometimes separate, adult friendly dressing I can throw on salads over roasted veg or dip bread into.

Below is my basic vinaigrette, which I sweeten with maple syrup or honey to make more palatable for the girls. I like to change up the oils I use. Sometimes I mix a few tablespoons of olive oil with flaxseed oil or hemp oil or at the moment I am loving Udi’s Oil DHA 3-6-9 Blend which is an award winning, plant-based (vegan) non-GMO omega oil with the ideal ratio between omega-3 to omega-6.  These days many of us consume too much omega-6 but not enough omega-3 so getting these in the proper ratio is amazing.  These superfood oils are great for developing brains and bodies and don’t have a fishy taste as the fish oils have which make it a win for me and my picky eaters. I will use this oil in place of olive oil. The one thing to remember when using other oils is they are very sensitive to heat so shouldn’t be used to cook or roast vegetables with.

I wasn’t sure about posting this recipe because I thought it was too basic, that everyone knows how to make a vinaigrette or there are a million recipes already out there but then I thought, hey you never know who may read this and say wow I need to try that! So here you go. This is our nuts and bolts recipe that we make most weeks. Play around with it by adding in your favorite herbs, use lime or blood orange juice instead or lemon, add a different kind of mustard for variety.

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Basic Vinaigrette
A basic vinaigrette to through on your salads, cooked vegetables or dip a crusty piece of bread into. Makes about 4 ounces.
  1. Mix all ingredients into a small glass jar. Store in fridge for a week and use on salads or over cooked veggies or meat.
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