Celery Juice & Morning Juices for Children

Juicing first thing in the day can be intimidating, at least for me it is because the juicer itself can seem like a beast to clean!!  Even simple juices, like celery juice mean extra clean up than a fruit bowl or quick smoothie.  As a hurried Mom in the mornings the clean up in itself is often why I don’t juice every day. But when I take the time to build a less rushed AM routine and decide to juice (usually when hubby is around to help clean up), I feel so amazing, energized and for the rest of the day my eating is usually cleaner and I have overall better digestion.

Celery Juice (middle) Apple-Celery juice (left & right)

The kiddos also LOVE fresh juice!!  My children waking up to their morning juices and would happily have me make them a big glass of apple juice every morning.  While I love making them fresh juice, I don’t love all the concentrated sugar they get from the apple juice alone so I dilute by adding in a cucumber or a few stalks of celery per apple used.  They don’t taste the veggies and still get their fresh juice.

Below is my morning jam, raw celery juice.  I love started my days with plain celery juice.  It is a very plain and maybe boring juice compared to some of the juice tonic you get at the local juice bar but celery juice on its own has healing properties.  Celery contains coumarins which help purify the bloodstream, relax the nerves, help clear the skin, lower blood pressure and most importantly for me….aid in digestion.  Celery is naturally high in sodium which raises stomach acid which we need to help break down the foods we eat.   If our stomach acid is low it means more work is put on the digestive system and can lead to an overloaded liver.

When we consume a raw celery juice first thing in the morning, it helps set us up, digestion wise, for the rest of the day.  Celery is also a diuretic so it helps the body flush out any retained water and toxins from the body.  Celery juice is also very alkaline and can help the body balance out acids in the body and blood. Now that I’m writing all this, I’m remembering why I love making celery juice and why I have to get back into the habit of making it on a daily basis again!  So my lesson is that I need to remember, is celery juice (or the children’s juice) is worth the extra cleaning !!

Note if you don’t have a juice you can also enjoy freshly make juice by simply placing chopped up celery (and/or the cucumber and apple) in a high speed food processor with a good splash of filtered water and blend until smooth.  Using a cheesecloth or nut-milk bag, strain the juice into a large wide mouth mason jar, bowl or pot.  Enjoy the healing power of celery juice or fresh juices as part of your daily routine.



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Morning Juices
Celery juice is powerful way to get you started in the morning! Or if celery alone is too strong add in an optional apple and/or cucumber.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Prep Time 5 minutes
  1. Place ingredients in juicer and press them through the machine.
  2. Enjoy juice soon after making to capture all of it nutritional benefits.
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See the alternative non-juicer method to make juice in paragraphs above the recipe.

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