Salade Niçoise

In summer I often crave a big salad bowl. A bowl or dish that has it all: a little protein, some healthy fats, starches, fresh herbs and vegetables and maybe even a handful of legumes. Salade Niçoise is my go-to when I have such cravings. It really is a one bowl (or plate) fits all meal. I discovered while living in this region (such a lucky girl!!) that the original or authentic Salade Niçoise is a little different than what we see today in North America. It didn’t have cooked eggs, potatoes or even green beans, nor did they use vinegar or tuna!! Like most recipes it did change over time as the agriculture changed and industrialization occurred. Though nowadays the standard recipe would include lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, olives, eggs, tuna and anchovies and often some potatoes. I was told by several French chefs, what “a real” Salade Niçoise should look like, but each version was slightly different depending on where I was around Nice. The key being they all used the freshest, … [Read more...]

Salmon Arugula Salad

Today’s lunch was one of those meals where I hadn’t thought ahead last night or even this morning to what I was going to have. My Sunday nights are usually spent running around getting things ready for school and work the next day (cleaning up Sunday dinner, finishing laundry, making sure homework folder and any school forms are back in backpacks, packing lunches, prepping after school activities, getting clothes out for the next day, making sure phones are charged, etc.) I can forget or don’t have time to get myself in order. While I think it is so important for Moms to take time to look after themselves, organize the things we need to do, schedule in your exercise time and plan out your meals, life often throws us a curve ball and things don’t go as we planned. For me, when I don’t have a meal thought out or I am rushed my meals usually go one of two ways: I spend the meal munching on little bites of this or that, often including too many starchy foods or less than ideal, low … [Read more...]