Switch Witch 2016

Another Halloween season another time for the “Switch Witch” to visit. My twins are now 8 nearing 8-and-a-half and we are still in prime Fairy/Witch/Make believe world! You name it we have a fairy to go with it! I know we are nearing the end of this magical phase and we are loving these, what I think will soon be final days of magical wonder. My girls discovered “the Switch Witch” when they were in kindergarten, our first Halloween in the Midwest and they told me all about her. She is friend, cousin or sister maybe of the tooth fairy and doesn’t want the kids to have too much candy, or in my kids case, any candy with food dyes or funky ingredients we don’t eat. So she comes and gets the bad candy and takes it to her candy land and does, well… we aren’t sure what with it because we haven’t yet been taken to candy land but she leaves the kids a small gift in exchange. Sometimes she even leaves some of the good candy in place of the bad candy. The Switch Witch is now such an integral part … [Read more...]

Switch Witch

Shortly after every Halloween we get a visit from the Switch Witch. She is a good witch who comes and takes the bad candy or candy kids don’t want and switches it for a small toy or craft. Now, this witch didn’t make it up to our home in Canada when I Was a little girl but wow is she genius!   She takes away the pain of the kids taking out the many, many candies the kids know they don’t like or shouldn’t be eating but still hate to get ride of. We first heard about her just a few years ago, after the Halloween the first year we were in our current house. We were en-route to school when I overheard my daughters talking with excitement about the Switch Witch. They were kindergarteners at the time so still in full princess, fairy and witch mode and big believers in anything magical with wings. They explained that one of their friends from school (who was also allergic to peanuts) put out all the candy she wasn’t allowed to eat a bowl in her kitchen before bed and the next morning the … [Read more...]